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10 Questions with Lee Ford

Track: My Best Friend

Released: April 9th 2021

Genre: Indie, Guitar Pop

For fans of: The Kooks, The Libertines, The Coral

Lee Ford, a local singer songwriter and musician has recently released his great new single 'My Best Friend'. The track, a catchy, toe tapping anthem about childhood friendships was released earlier this month and is definitely a song for the summer!

We chatted to Lee about his release and asked him 10 questions about the single, his musical journey so far and some of his interests!

1. Tell us a bit about your musical journey so far.

When I left school and throughout college I tried to get into a couple of bands, nothing ever amounted to much and I got distracted if I'm honest, it’s taken lockdown for me to put things in perspective and get out there!

2. Given the current situation, how does it feel to be releasing and creating new music?

It’s really exciting it’s something to drive for and distract yourself with, obviously the past year or so has been horrendous for everyone but music isn’t going anywhere, everyone needs it and to be able to contribute and put something out there is really exciting!

3. How would you say My Best Friend fits into your music and releases as a whole, and the musical direction you’re heading? I’d say lyrically you can expect a lot more of just honest lyrics. I wear my heart on my sleeve with my lyrics. It’s evident that the merseyside sound plays a massive part of the influence of my sound so to sum it up I'd say truthful raw music.

4. What is the inspiration behind My Best Friend?

It’s basically a thankyou letter of sorts to a childhood friend that has stuck around through the bad times. A friendship that has been tested but has come out of the worst of things and remains strong as ever.

5. What is your usual process when it comes to writing songs?

It’s always the music first, there might be times when i’ll get lyric ideas come to me and I'll store them in my notes or voice note a melody, my phone is just full of them but it’s always music first while singing gibberish then get the lyrics at the end!

6. How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard your music before?

Sing-along tunes to relate to with a raw nostalgic guitar sound!

7. Where would be your dream venue to play a gig?

Obviously the bigger the better of course, it’s easy to say the Pyramid stage or Wembley but to do an intimate sold out gig at somewhere local like the Olympia would be an absolutely unreal feeling.

8. Who are the artists that you can never tire of listening to?

I will never get tired of Paul Simon, his song writing, his voice, it's just infectious.

9. What is the best gig you’ve ever been to?

I remember seeing The Enemy in Mountford Hall when I was about 15 or 16 and just the energy that was at that gig, how intimate it was and the shift that they put in has always stuck with me, I’ve been to so many gigs and seen so many artists but I think because of how young I was that stuck with me.

10. What is next for Lee Ford?

Live music is on the way back and everyone is ready to welcome it back, I’m itching to get out there, play to people and spread the word and widen the audience, build a following and get more music out there for people to relate to !

We really love this track and we can't wait to see what Lee releases next! Thanks to Lee for sitting down to speak to us.

Stay tuned for our next '10 Questions With..' guest coming soon!

Lee's track is now available to stream on Spotify here

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