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10 Questions with Scott Beckett

EP: Time to Run

Release Date: 9th July 2021

Genre: Acoustic, Indie, Modern Rock

For fans of: John Mayer, Oasis, REM

Time to Run is the third EP from Liverpool-based Scott Beckett, releasing on Friday 9th July. It is a beautifully produced EP made up of four tracks that each highlight his vocal talents and emotive lyricism.

Scott spoke to us about his plans for his upcoming releases and we think you'll all love this latest one.

1. Tell us a bit about your musical journey so far.

I’m still not where I want to be, I’ve always had an image in my head since I was in my teens of where I want to be with music, and it’s basically just doing the whole package, my own way. Writing my own songs, putting them out whenever I want to, gigging and recording, that’s really all I am chasing to do for a living. I’m on my way there and I’m in no rush.

Even as an independent artist though, it is very difficult, full of roadblocks, obstacles, people and politics you can’t control, but you just have to ride the wave and keep going, keep writing and keep active.

I’m about to release my third EP in 3 years, and I already have the songs written for the next two EPs, so let’s see where I am after that...

2. Given the current situation, how does it feel to be creating and releasing new music?

I wrote a good batch of songs during the lockdown, so I know more or less what I’m going to be releasing for the next 18 months. I’m always writing so as a creative person, I think if you have something to put out then you should. Don’t worry or think about product placement or all that stuff, none of it really matters, what matters is the songs, and the gigs and how they make you feel.

3. How would you say Time to Run fits into your music and releases as a whole, and the musical destination that you’re heading in?

I definitely feel this is my best and strongest EP so far. I’m really happy with each song on it. I’ve been working with the same producer on each release since 2018, and we’ve both kind of learnt and grown together and we’ve got stronger results because of it as time has gone on. I think these are some of the best songs I’ve written over the lockdown.

4. What is the inspiration behind Time to Run?

The songs on this EP are about love, loss, hope, pain, and everything in between. But like almost all of my songs, they’re not really about personal experiences, but they will probably be something we can relate to and connect with, which is what I look for when I’m listening to music. I’m a big believer in that songs fall out the sky, and as a songwriter, you have to be there to catch them.

5. What is your process when it comes to writing songs?

It usually starts with me just sitting at home on my acoustic guitar or my piano and coming up with something I like the sound of, then kind of kick on from there with the melody and structure of the song, the lyrics usually come whilst I’m doing this, so it’s usually a nice flow and sometimes I’ll finish a song really quickly. Sometimes I’ll write half and then will get frustrated as nothing is coming, so I’ll go back to it later. I don’t think I could co-write with someone else, I like being alone and just doing things at my own pace and my own way.

6. How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard your music before?

Melodic, singer songwriter. But I think if you’re someone who loves music and has that connection with it then it’s there for you to try. If you’re someone who just listens to music in the car or on a night out, then it’s not going to be for you. But if you’re like me and you live for it, and constantly search for music to try and connect to, then I’d like to think you would like it.

7. Where would your dream venue be to play a gig?

Probably Webster Hall in NYC. Some of my favourite artists have gigged there and it just seems to have a great vibe to it. The Roundhouse in London is also somewhere that looks a perfect venue to play. Anywhere that’s indoor and intimate would be good for me, I think.

8. Who are the artists you can never tire of listening to?

I’ll never really tire of listening to John Mayer, Ryan Adams, Noel Gallagher, The Calling, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, REM. I live for listening to music, I don’t live for the weekend or going on holiday, just listening to songs, in my own world, with my headphones in. I love discovering new artists and music, it inspires and influences me so much seeing artists in similar circumstances to me putting their own music out.

9. What’s the best live gig you’ve been to?

I went to see John Mayer a couple of years ago in Manchester, I had wanted to see him since I was in my mid-teens when I first started listening to him. I just couldn’t believe how good he was. Mindblowing. And just before the lockdown I managed to see an american band called The Calling, I went to 5 of their shows, they were the band that made me want to do music, I can’t really put into words what it meant to me seeing them live.

10. What is next for Scott Beckett?

I’m working on an acoustic tour for later this year, so in the meantime I will be releasing more new music, writing and gigging as much as I can. Trying to build up my following. Just giving it everything I have.

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