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10 Questions with The Borders

Track: You've Got It All

Released: April 23rd 2021

Genre: Indie, alternative

For fans of: Arctic Monkeys, Joy Division, The Stone Roses

You've Got It All is the debut single from Shropshire lads, The Borders. It's a chilled DIY indie track with memorable riffs that create the perfect soundtrack to summer. With over 1000 Spotify plays in less than a week, we're sure this is just the beginning for this talented band.

Read on to find out what more we can expect from The Borders.

1. Tell us a bit about your musical journey so far.

We all met in sixth form where we started regularly jamming as a band. We began writing our original music shortly after this, and progressed from there. Over the last year or so we have got into recording our own music, which although being a steep learning curve has helped develop our songwriting skills. Our debut release “You’ve Got it All” has been the culmination of our journey so far. It was entirely written, recorded and produced in our bedrooms. We are excited for what the future holds, and hope that this release can act as a base for future releases and build an audience of like minded music lovers.

2. Given the current situation, how does it feel to be releasing and creating new music?

Writing and releasing music for us is a creative outlet. With all of us being away from home for most of the year at University, it helps us stay close as a group of mates. Releasing music whether it be the production or promotion side has given us a thing to focus on, which has helped relieve the stresses and boredoms which come with lockdowns and restrictions. It can be quite easy to feel like you’re treading water in the pandemic and not achieving anything, music has brought us together and given us a sense of fulfillment and achievement.

3. How would you say You've Got It All fits into your music and releases as a whole, and the musical direction you’re heading? We believe “You’ve Got it All” is a firm start to our musical careers, it is the first song we wrote which we just had to get recorded as soon as possible. The response we’ve received was really encouraging and it is just pushing us to get writing and recording together. The song blends elements of rock, classic indie and modern pop, so we’re very lucky to be able to develop into many different genres.

4. What is the inspiration behind You've Got It All?

We’d been listening to a lot of relaxed indie songs from the likes of Beach House and Still Woozy and we wanted to emulate that laid back summer style. Whilst we were jamming the ‘You’ve Got It All’ lyric came to mind and we decided to build the rest of the song around this sense of confidence. We wanted the verse to be quite ambiguous and enigmatic similar to Wombats style lyrics, to leave the meaning up to the listener’s interpretation.

5. What is your usual process when it comes to writing songs?

Usually we’ll start with an idea, like a guitar lick or a drum beat. Then we’ll flesh it out with a few more instruments until some lyrics come to mind. In this instance, Ethan came up with this melodic bass riff that had a Stone Roses/ The Drums feel to it. After that we built up the guitars until the ‘You’ve Got It All’ lyric came to mind. It all came together pretty fast.

6. How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard your music before?

Our music is a pretty chilled indie vibe. “You’ve Got it All” definitely has a very laid back feel to it with soft vocals and melodic guitars. In our next releases we aim to demonstrate our versatility with some more upbeat energetic songs but still maintain a sound which is unique to us.

7. Where would be your dream venue to play a gig?

Classic venues such as Ally Pally are in the aspirations of any up and coming artist from the UK, and we’re no exception. However festivals are the place to be and any stage at Reading and Leeds would easily make our dreams come true. ‘You’ve Got it All’ is currently in the arms and ears of BBC introducing and we’d happily be a guest upon their RandL stage.

8. Who are the artists that you can never tire of listening to?

We have a wide music taste between us all but there are some artists we can all agree on. Sam Fender’s style of writing is a huge inspiration to us and The Wombat’s entire discography is top tier. Foals, Stone Roses and Arctic Monkeys also never get skipped when we’re together.

9. What is the best gig you’ve ever been to?

In 2019 we all headed to Reading festival where we were lucky enough to see Foo Fighters. The energy they brought to the main stage was insane and it was a dream to see Dave Grohl in the flesh.

10. What is next for The Borders?

This summer we’re hoping to get a few gigs under our belt before we release our next single. It’ll be a while before we release an EP but we’re super hyped to share some new music.

Thanks to the guys at The Borders for chatting with us and here's hoping we'll see them at Reading and Leeds very soon!

Stay tuned for our next '10 Questions With..' guest coming soon!

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You've Got It All is now available to stream on Spotify here

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