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Welcome to Satellite Music and Events official blog!

Hi there!

We are Satellite Music and Events, a new company set up in Liverpool in 2020 by musicians and friends Rach Hankin and Helen Maw.

Setting up a business during a global pandemic was definitely a bold choice. In a time when things were and still are so uncertain and unstable, especially in the arts sector, setting up Satellite was something we felt we just needed to do. Last summer, like a lot of arts and culture workers, we lost our jobs in a Liverpool theatre where we worked. This was devastating for us and our colleagues but after a couple of months, we decided to take our experience, passion and most of all love for the arts and set up Satellite! The ongoing lockdown restrictions and lack of work has been really tough for many, especially those in the arts. Lockdown has been beneficial from a creative sense for so many, but for others, it’s been tough to be motivated and that’s okay too. It’s hard as musicians and performers when you are so used to gigging and performing for it to be suddenly taken away. The social, mental and even physical effect it can have is tough, but it is important to know that we’re all in this together!

With Satellite, we want to put on a variety of events celebrating performers both emerging and established within the city of Liverpool. Collaboration is really important to us and after such a tough year, we want to work with other organisations and businesses within the city to create magical experiences. As musicians and performers ourselves, it is imperative to us that Satellite is a safe and encouraging space for emerging artists. We are here to promote, support and connect artists within the local music scene. All too often it is difficult for new artists to crack into the music scene and we want to help change that. We welcome artists of all disciplines, abilities and experience to take part in our events as performers. As well as our own events, we also believe in supporting the next generation of performers which is why we have set up Satellite Studios. This is our tutoring service offering lessons in a variety of instruments as well as music theory and lessons can be one to one or in groups.

So here we are! Since our inception in September, we have hit the ground running with our plans and events. We have hosted various physical and virtual quiz nights and music events and we have so much more planned for the coming months with hopefully a focus on live events once the current lockdown restrictions ease.

We will use this blog to share news about our events, the things we’re doing and everything in between. We want this to be a place for us to share our thoughts and ideas with you all and encourage you to get involved!

We’re really excited for the journey ahead and with there now (hopefully) being a light at the end of the tunnel with regards to the Covid restrictions, we look forward to welcoming you all to a live event in the not so distant future!

The Satellite Team x

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